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Sharing Hope in Crisis

Crisis Intervention and Stress Management


In the days and weeks following the events of September 11, 2001, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team was formed to bring God's compassion and comfort to hurting people by minstering to emotional and spiritual needs in the aftermath of a man-made or natural disaster.

Since then, the Rapid Response Team has grown into an international network of hundreds of trained volunteers, men and women who have deployed to the sites of major tragedies such as:

  •    Cyclone
  •    Flood
  •    Tornado   
  •    Earthquake    
  •    Tsunami  
  •    Bushfire

picture1Since 2002 Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains have deployed over 150 times in 14 countries, including events such as Hurrican Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and the Japan Tsunami. There have been over 4,700 individual chaplain deployments who have provided emotional and spiritual support to over 500,000 people and prayed one-on-one with over 175,000 survivors of disaster.

In 2009 a small team from the United States came to Australia during the Victoria bush fires. Speaking to the local church and residents it was clear that there was a need for Pastoral Care, so plans were initiated to expand the Rapid Response Team ministry to Australia and New Zealand. Since that time we have seen an escalation of natural disasters such as the Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria Floods and the North Queensland cyclone, not to mention the Christchurch earthquake.

In July 2011 the Rapid Response Team ministry was established in Australia and New Zealand. 


picture2To recruit, train, deploy and manage teams of specially trained crisis response chaplains in response to man-made or natural disasters, to offer God's hope and comfort through Jesus Christ.

And thereby support the ministry of churches to better prepare their members to appropriately share God's hope in times of personal tragedy.

We work not only with the local church but also existing State and Territory chaplaincy agencies, structures and guidelines in order to provide a Kingdom-focussed approach.

How do we do this?

picture3We present 'Sharing Hope in Crisis' seminars in churches around the country, to train Christians how to appropriately share the Gospel with those who suffer from the tragedies of life.

Following the seminar, those who are interested will have the opportunity to take a further step and apply to become a Rapid Response Team chaplain. There is a requirement to undertake further, specialist, crisis intervention training to provide consistency with Rapid Response Team chaplains internationally. This training is recognised globally and used by such agencies as the United Nations and many US federal emergency departments.

In a State or Territory where there is an exisiting chaplaincy agency responsible for coordination and deployment of chnaplains there may be a further requirement to undertake such training and acfreditation as that agency may require. 

In any event the Rapid Response Team will either provide or coordinate any additional training.

For further details, or if you have any questions, please contact the Rapid Response Team manager on rrt@bgea.org.au or call 1300 799 727.

To download an RRT Chaplain's Application Form click here.  When you have completed your form, return it by post to:

Rapid Response Team Manager
PO Box 346




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